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Balloons FAQs / Disclaimer

Stock levels and availability maybe different in the store and not reflected online.
To be sure we have the items you are looking for available please contact us at
706-486-5767 or or through here

  • How long will Latex Balloons stay fully inflated?
    It depends on a few conditions: 1. If it was inflated with – air, helium, water. 2. Was it treated to keep it fully inflated with “Hi-Float” (check out Hi-Float info next)? 3. Can be influenced by the surrounding conditions – temperature, humidity? If untreated, latex balloons inflated with helium will stay around 8 hours before they will start slowly letting out the gas. (Keep latex balloons away from heat.) We have a hi-float option when you place an order.
  • What is hi-float treatment for Latex Balloons?
    Did you know that Latex Balloons inflated with Helium will keep it in for a little longer than 8 hours? If you are planning ahead of time and one of those people who have to get everything ready long before the event, we have a solution – safe, nontoxic and biodegradable liquid – “Hi-Float”. With Hi-Float special treatment, Latex Balloons will stay in great shape up to 10 times longer! There could be timeframe variants based on environmental conditions, but it will still greatly extend the time. Choosing the hi-float option when ordering Inflated Latex Balloons, is different because it must be injected inside prior to inflation. So, if you walk in the store and order, wanting Hi-Float, don’t forget to notify staff that you would like this special treatment. Enjoy your party!
  • What are Mylar/Foil Balloons?
    Mylar Balloons also are known as foil or metalized balloons made from thin, un-stretchable metalized films such as Mylar (BoPET – biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate). Mylar balloons usually have shiny reflective surfaces and printed with colorful pictures and designs for gifts and parties. Foil Balloons made from metalized nylon that are lightweight and able to last approximately 5-7 days, given its kept away from cooler temperatures.
  • What about Air-filled Balloons?
    Air-filled balloons typically retain their buoyancy for only a day or so, sometimes longer. Nonetheless, they generally last for a couple of weeks, but will NOT float.
Satisfaction Guarantee

D's Balloon Shop seeks to provide customers with products that meet their needs. Customers may contact D's Balloon Shop if they are not satisfied with their purchase by emailing If contacted within 24HOURS days of receiving your item(s), a full refund may be granted. All items must be in new and unused condition.​

Custom Orders

We founded D's Balloon Shop with one major goal in mind:

giving the people of Greensboro a local balloon shop with a great shopping experience.


At D's Balloon Shop, we pride ourselves in being your premier source for luxury and custom designed balloons for any occasion. So, if you like to place a custom order for an event, please fill out our Custom Order form here.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payment / In-Store

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