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I am the basketball loving, Dominique Sneed from the small town of Greensboro, Ga. I graduated from Greene County High School in 2004, currently enrolled in Georgia Military College, studying for an AS in Business Administrative. As a mother of three- daughters, D’Nya, D’Karrah, and one son, Derek Jr.; I enjoy being around family and friends. I'm the baby of my mother’s 3 daughters.

I am the proud, Black Business Owner of D’s Balloon Shop, started in 2018. While sitting home thinking how I could start a business to better provide for my family, I came across a video where Mr. Steve Harvey discusses ways to become a millionaire. I watched the video repeatedly. I dissected the theory he gave, and associated the need for balloons locally, as people would have to drive for an hour just to purchase balloons. I prayed to God and asked Him to lead me in the right direction. A whole year went by and I didn’t mention my plans to anyone else, except for when I said my prayers. One night, I went into prayer and it was different. 

On February 13, 2018, I walked into the City Hall of Greensboro and proposed my business plan and walked out with my business license. I launched my business March 6th, 2018, I have now been in business for two years. 

My slogan is “InflatedDreams…BlowingUp!!”. The Slogan is celebrating and recognizing the fact that I overcame many obstacles and grew wiser in the end.

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